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Matthew Brent, President 1044 Cane Run Road Turners Station, KY 40075 Cell: (502) 608-7649 Email Me (mabren2 null@null hotmail Jerry Crosby Courthouse; 100 West Main Street LaGrange, KY 40031 W: (502) 222-7447 cell: 502-777-8015 Email Me (j NULL.crosby08 null@null insightbb Linda Sarrett Mathis 3713 Mohawk Drive LaGrange, KY 40031 cell: 502-396-4740 Email Me (linda NULL.sarrett null@null henry NULL.kyschools Linda Berry, Secretary 4221 Bakers Lane Pendleton, KY... Read more »

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Sponsors: Cedar Lake Lodge (http://www NULL.cedarlake Louisville, KY 40222   Bremm Vinyl Graphics (http://www NULL.bremmsgraphics Louisville, KY 40219 Fastline Printing (http://www NULL.fastlineprinting Buckner, KY 40010 Curry Landscape (http://www NULL.yellowpages & Design (http://www NULL.yellowpages Crestwood, KY 40014 Envelope Solutions Blooms (http://www NULL.bloomsbyessentialdetails... Read more »

Michael Brent Courtyard Dedication

Michael Brent Memorial Courtyard

April 24, 2008 -North Hall is across the street from Memorial Coliseum on the corner of Avenue of Champions and Martin Luther King Blvd. Michael Brent Memorial Courtyard - Click to Enlarge Poem read at Dedication Ceremony: Well Done Some people may say your life was interrupted Before its prime, But I witnessed a young man, who despite challenges, perservered Never wasting a moment in time You were always encouraging others by having a positive demeanor And never allowing circumstances to Discount... Read more »

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About Friends for Michael

Mission Statement Our mission is to encourage and support research that will help victims overcome their spinal cord injuries as well as providing grants and activities to improve the quality of life for the individuals having this disability, providing educational spinal cord injury awareness and prevention to others and award annual scholarships to students who volunteer their time to the organization. About Friends For Michael Friends For Michael was founded in 1997 due to the car accident of... Read more »

About Michael Brent

Michael was born on July 11, 1979. From day one it seemed as if he were destined for great things. By the time he was 5 yrs old his athletic skills were escalating. He attended Campbellsburg Elementary School where is continued to excel in academics as well. By the time he was in high school at Henry County (KY), it was evident he would be a top scholar-athlete, which he proved to be the truth. Michael gathered many accolades and honors at the end of his senior year both athletically and academically.... Read more »