12th Annual FFM 5K – 2008 Results

Overall 5k Run – Top 10
# Runner Name Age School Time
1 640 Duvisson, John* 31 Unattached 17:29.29
2 641 Schneider, Jim* 46 Unattached 18:22.63
3 237 Long, David* 54 Unattached 18:36.70
4 669 Lawhorn, David* 41 Unattached 18:53.22
5 238 LeGrand, Larry* 55 Unattached 19:34.61
6 642 Drawbaugh, Ricky* 28 Unattached 20:25.85
7 239 Lawhorn, Robin* 37 Unattached 20:32.82
8 1000 Troutman, Michael 13 Unattached 21:21.54
9 714 Hernandez, Trey 16 Unattached 21:33.72
10 644 Ellis, Randy 51 Unattached 21:38.53
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Results by Age Group

11 & Under Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Taylor, Erin W Unattached 47:28.40
2 Woods, Libby W10 Woods Walkers 54:01.25
3 Cravens, Macey W9 Unattached 55:11.55
4 Woods, Alison W7 Woods Walkers 56:13.29
5 Bratton, Maggie W8 Unattached 56:36.42
6 Bratton, Emily W8 Unattached 59:20.84
12-15 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Rose, Abbi W12 Unattached 30:10.96
2 Rose, Jessi W14 Unattached 33:37.43
3 Morris, Rebecca W15 Unattached 45:14.34
4 Sharp, Mariah W14 Unattached 45:40.80
16-19 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Estes, Ashley W19 Unattached 59:35.61
20-29 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Vaughn, Jaclyn W22 Unattached 25:36.20
2 Shear, Grace W22 Team UK 29:09.95
3 Orr, Erin W27 Unattached 31:56.48
4 Ballard, Brook W23 Unattached 47:29.44
5 Drawbaugh, Jessi W27 Unattached 48:08.11
6 Kendall, Sandra W27 Unattached 48:08.17
7 Hogan, Megan W23 Unattached 48:31.87
8 Norton, Annie W28 Unattached 50:38.15
9 Gnadinger, Mandi W26 Unattached 54:00.05
10 Walls, Jessica W26 Unattached 59:39.61
11 Dodson, Amanda W25 Unattached 1:00:04.63
12 Walk, Tonya W22 Unattached 1:01:38.68
30-39 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Lawhorn, Robin* W37 Unattached 20:32.82
2 Woods, Liz W34 Unattached 32:25.17
3 Abney, Lori W34 Unattached 32:41.16
4 Cunningham, Kellie W30 Unattached 48:19.10
5 Bastin, Chasity W33 Unattached 48:31.93
6 Woods, Kelley W39 Woods Walkers 54:49.71
7 Bratton, Shannon W38 Unattached 59:21.43
40-49 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Moore, Cindy W49 Unattached 29:47.19
2 Perry, Meg W49 Unattached 30:36.04
3 Wilson, Karen W41 Unattached 50:36.46
4 Cravens, Vickie W41 Unattached 54:50.20
5 Walls, Alice W43 Unattached 1:00:37.97
50-59 Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Gutm,an, Brenda* W50 Unattached 24:08.25
2 Meadows, Wanda W53 Unattached 33:50.57
3 Patterson, Peggy W58 Woods Walkers 56:35.05
60+ Results – Women
# Name Age School Time
1 Westerman, Carol W70 Unattached 37:09.44
11 & Under Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Hignite, Zachary M10 Unattached 30:10.97
12-15 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Troutman, Michael M13 Unattached 21:21.54
2 Knott, Jordan M13 Unattached 22:58.42
3 Bratton, Jacob M12 Unattached 24:05.18
16-19 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Hernandez, Trey M16 Unattached 21:33.72
2 Singleton, Jarrod M17 Unattached 22:20.02
3 Walls, Patrick M17 Unattached 59:51.84
20-29 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Drawbaugh, Ricky* M28 Unattached 20:25.85
2 Moore, Robbie M23 Unattached 23:07.98
3 Orr, David M27 Unattached 27:37.41
30-39 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Duvisson, John* M31 Unattached 17:29.29
2 McKinley, Wade M30 Unattached 28:06.74
3 Woods, Zach M35 Unattached 40:32.17
4 Puckett, Aaron M33 Unattached 44:51.31
5 Bratton, Craig M37 Unattached 45:14.87
40-49 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Schneider, Jim* M46 Unattached 18:22.63
2 Lawhorn, David* M41 Unattached 18:53.22
3 Woods, Greg M47 Unattached 23:37.98
4 Rose, Joe M41 Unattached 29:57.06
5 Ochsner, Jamie M41 Unattached 33:08.49
6 Rose, Toni M41 Unattached 33:12.81
7 Morris, Ron M47 Unattached 37:40.65
8 Cravens, Danny M48 Unattached 39:52.51
50-59 Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Long, David* M54 Unattached 18:36.70
2 LeGrand, Larry* M55 Unattached 19:34.61
3 Ellis, Randy M51 Unattached 21:38.53
4 Erway, Paul M50 Unattached 23:04.86
5 Moore, Steve M56 Unattached 24:18.66
6 Clark, John M50 Unattached 25:28.49
7 Onifer, Stephen M54 Unattached 44:50.44
8 Downey, Louis M57 Unattached 1:01:39.75
60+ Results – Men
# Name Age School Time
1 Goodwin, Steve M66 Unattached 23:44.77
2 Mills, Steve M62 Unattached 29:21.10
3 Patterson, Charles M69 Woods Walkers 56:35.45
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12th Annual FFM 5K Run/Walk & Wheel

Overall 5k Run – Top 10
# Runner Name Age School Time
1 640 Duvisson, John* 31 Unattached 17:29.29
2 641 Schneider, Jim* 46 Unattached 18:22.63
3 237 Long, David* 54 Unattached 18:36.70
4 669 Lawhorn, David* 41 Unattached 18:53.22
5 238 LeGrand, Larry* 55 Unattached 19:34.61
6 642 Drawbaugh, Ricky* 28 Unattached 20:25.85
7 239 Lawhorn, Robin* 37 Unattached 20:32.82
8 1000 Troutman, Michael 13 Unattached 21:21.54
9 714 Hernandez, Trey 16 Unattached 21:33.72
10 644 Ellis, Randy 51 Unattached 21:38.53

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This year, the West Louisville Appreciation, Friends for Michael and Black Cat Chase will be a part of the Kentucky Association (of USA Track and Field) 5k Running Series for Open and Master athletes.

Men & Women who wish to participate and be eligible for prizes in the Kentucky Association 5k Running Series for Open and Masters Women must be members of THE KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION of USATF (USA Track & Field) prior to the race. Runners seeking to become members may do so on line at (http://www NULL.usatf

Please note that this year we are NOT doing a 1 Mile race.

September 27, 2008 5k LDR Association Series Event

(12th Friends for Michael 5k Run- New Castle, KY)

Henry County High School New Castle, KY

$20 per person ($15 per person before 9/20/08)

Race Contact: Cindy Norton- 502-532-7071

USATF Kentucky Association Series Prize Money:
KY Association Open Men- 1st $150, 2nd $75, 3rd $25
KY Association Master Men- 1st $75, 2nd $50 3rd $25
KY Association Open Women- 1st $150, 2nd $75, 3rd $25
KY Association Master Women- 1st $75, 2nd $50 3rd $25
USATF Event Total $800

Visit the KENTUCKY ASSOCIATION USA TRACK AND FIELD (http://kentucky NULL.usatf website.

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2007 FFM 5k Run/Walk & Wheel

Pictures by Ricky Holcomb (http://www NULL.rickyholcomb NULL.smugmug

The 5K Run/Walk and Wheel is THIS Saturday, September 27th 2008

Just  a reminder

12th Annual Friends For Michael, Inc. Spinal Cord Injury
5K Run/Walk and Wheel
Race #2 of the USATF Kentucky Championship Series (Race # 3 Oct 24th 5k – Black Cat Chase 5k Run- Frankfort, KY)
THIS Saturday, September 27th

When you arrive at the Henry County High School there is some construction going on
so we are doing registration at the Henry County Middle School which is located directly
behind the High School.  There will be signs and parking attendents to help you with directions.

We will have extra t-shirts for sale for $20; a limited amount of sweatshirts for $15; hats for $10
and “Michael’s Angel’s” for $10!

If you are NOT a USATF member and would like to sign up before the race to qualify for the CASH prizes…
there will be a USATF representative there to assist you.

The weather looks like it is going to be a beautiful morning!!

WE have TWO HUGE projects we are REALLY striving to finish by October of 2009!

One: We are building of our FULLY ACCESSIBILE PLAYGROUND for ALL ABILITIES  (still to be named) at the new Henry County Recreation and Services Park in New Castle, KY.  This will be a state of the art playground….a one of a kind….not another like it in the state or region……we are really excited about this!!

Two: We are sponsoring the Friends For Michael Resource Room at Frazier Rehab on the 11th floor that will give all patients access to resources needed post injury, stroke, disease onset, etc as well as provide a place for family, friends and patients to relax, rest, watch television, use computers, etc…. It will also be a facility that can be used by outpatients to meet with vocational rehab, counselors, therapists, etc.   This will be an asset to the entire community and will serve thousands for years to come.

We appreciate your support and participation.  Please feel free to call with any questions you have!

Attached you will find an extra application in case you have a friend that would like to come and participate as well.
We always say…the more the merrier!!

See ya Saturday

God Bless,

Cindy Norton

8th Annual FFM Golf Scramble



The Friends For Michael Golf Scramble & Auction
Featuring Hall of Fame Coach Denny Crum, Honorary Chairman.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
(Rain date Wednesday, September 17, 2007)

Henry County Recreational Corp.  New Castle, KY  (502) 845-2375

Registration 7:15 AM (EST) – SHOTGUN START:  8 AM (EST)

FEES: $60 per player/$240 per team – includes green fees, cart rental, soft drinks & water on the course, lunch and door prizes.

(bring your own team or be placed on a team)

144 player limit strictly enforced, so return your entry early!!

MULLIGANS sold at check in for $5 (limit one per golfer).

GENERAL RAFFLE TICKETS are sold for $1 each or 6 for $5;

Auction Items

  • 1 week time share Condo Get-A-Way. You pick the location, available locations include… Acapulco, Mexico (http://www NULL.rci Beach, Florida (http://www NULL.rci Springs Village, Arkansas (http://www NULL.rci Vegas, Nevada (http://www NULL.rci Must be used by January 31, 2009, value is $1858! Bidding starts at $600.
  • 2009 VIP Indy/Indy Lights Race Package at Kentucky Speedway (see flier)
  • Mayan Palace Acapulco

    Mayan Palace Acapulco

  • 10 Person Custom Built Poker Table
  • Autographed Michael Bush memorabilia
  • Autographed UofK memorabilia
  • Autographed UofL memorabilia
  • Autographed Ken Griffey, Jr. memorabilia
  • Autographed 1998 UK Championship Basketball
  • Autographed & Framed Greg Norman Print
  • Autographed Fuzzy Zoeller Golf Bag
  • Autographed Billy G Basketball
  • Autographed & Framed Country Music Artists Memorabilia
  • Autographed Rich Brooks Football
  • UofK & UofL Tickets
  • Louisville Slugger Items
  • Various Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Humidor & Cigars
  • 10 Person Custom Built Poker Table

    10 Person Poker Table for Auction

  • Michele Salon & Spa
  • Proformance Fitness Package
  • Brown Forman Liquor
  • Golf Shirts, Golf Bags, Putter & Various Golf Courses
  • more to come……

Our annual celebrity appearances include…
Denny Crum, Kenny Walker, Jeff Sheppard, Darrell Griffith, Bobby Perry, Mike Pratt, Matt Jones & More

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2008 Friends For Michael Scholarship Winners

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts - Click to Enlarge

Ben Roberts from Henry County High School
will be attending Eastern Kentucky University

Ryan Paris

Ryan Paris - Click to Enlarge

Ryan Paris from Eminence High School
will be attending University of Louisville

Are you interested in getting a Friends For Michael Scholarship?  Contact Us

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