Michael Brent Courtyard Dedication

April 24, 2008 -North Hall is across the street from Memorial Coliseum on the corner of Avenue of Champions and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Michael Brent Memorial Courtyard

Michael Brent Memorial Courtyard - Click to Enlarge

Poem read at Dedication Ceremony:

Well Done

Some people may say your life was interrupted
Before its prime,
But I witnessed a young man, who despite challenges, perservered
Never wasting a moment in time
You were always encouraging others by having a positive demeanor
And never allowing circumstances to
Discount you from being a dreamer.

A car accident may have taken your ability to walk,
But it never hindered you
From being a pillar of strength—
Our loving rock.

You once told me that you had touched more lives
While in your chair
Than when you were walking
And breathing God’s cool crisp air.

You never allowed that chair to define you,
Opting to use it as a tool
To shape and refine you.

Your legacy exemplifies life’s most important lessons:
Love unconditionally, laugh often
And realize that when bad things happen—
Do not see it as the end,
But view it as opportunity to tend
To those things which God has entrusted to man
For we all play a part in His devine plan.

And although we miss you
And tears still dampen on our eyes,
We are much better people
Because on this journey
You passed by.

We shall never forget you, but will always remember
For which you stood
And what you meant.
You were are son, our brother, and friend—
And most importantly…
Ourr beloved Michael Todd Brent!

Lisa A. Brown
April 24, 2008

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