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During the first year after Michael Brent’s injury, friends and family began to
build a support system for him and his family by organizing fundraisers to help
offset the expenses of such a catastrophic injury. At the end of that year,
having met Michael’s most immediate needs, the group had also learned
about the spinal cord injury research being done throughout the country and
about the many issues that these injuries cause.


 1999 -incorporated, becoming a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization

 2001 – joined efforts with Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center
at the University of Louisville

 Annual poster contest throughout Henry County & Eminence School

 2003 – became 1 of 3 founding members of the Spinal Cord Injury
Association of KY

 2005- Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center creates
Postdoctoral Fellowship in honor of Friends For Michael

 2008 – Groundbreaking Ceremony for the All Accessible Playground in
Henry County, KY

 2010 – Placed the Michael Brent Resource Center in Frazier Rehab

 2010 – Grand Opening of the All Accessible Playground

 Annual $500 scholarship to local high school student

 Individual grants to spinal cord injury survivors totaling $47,000

 Over the past 20 years, $400,000 donated to Kentucky Spinal Cord
Injury Research Center at the University of Louisville and the Spinal
Cord and Brain Injury Research Center at University of Kentucky


Friends For Michael will continue it’s efforts to help find a cure for spinal
cord injury/disease, help others live a quality of life, provide spinal cord
injury prevention and awareness, keep the importance of research in the
fore front of the public and help others succeed in what they want in life.
Join us in this effort. Please add our fundraising events to your calendar.
Consider making a donation today.


Come support our efforts to provide a quality of life for others with spinal cord injury/disease as we raise funds for research, grants, scholarships and our all accessible playgrounds.

In Person

Donate by contacting one of our members listed below:


Linda Berry, Secretary

Cell: (502) 608-6276


Donate to our PayPal here:

By Mail

You may send your contributions to:

Friends For Michael, Inc. Spinal Cord Injury Org.
PO Box 212
Campbellsburg, KY 40011

By Email

You can contact us to find way to donate through email and more:

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